No matter how tough the day has been, food is always the comforting agent that brings together friends and strangers. After much prolonged discussion, we decided that this project shall always adhere to the following objectives:

  1. Food must be convenient. Be it breakfast, launch or dinner, it should not be a hassle. One must be able to easily stop by to enjoy their meal, not worrying about parking or waiting too long for service.
  2. Delivering clean & quality food. Our operation shall always deliver clean & quality products to our guests. This also covers the dining environment.
  3. Our food must be affordable to the surrounding community that we operate in, so that having a meal does not become a burden financially.
  4. Our operation must be pork free & halal so that we can bring together the diverse culinary heritage in our country to every visiting customers.
  5. Finally, we are not scared of pushing the culinary boundaries and innovate in our product offerings and marketing efforts.

Hence, our mission statement sets forth our journey in providing innovative food choices that are convenient, clean, and affordable to every community, no matter the race, religion or financial background.